COVID-19: Information and Resources You Can Use

COVID-19, which began as a pandemic in 2020, continues to impact those with chronic conditions and their family caregivers. Though it is no longer designated a global pandemic by the World Health Organization and the U.S. government ended its public health emergency in May 2023, COVID-19 is still circulating and can cause severe illness for certain high-risk groups. People with chronic conditions are encouraged to know their risk and discuss a plan for handling a COVID-19 infection. The following are resources that patients and patient advocates can use to manage and communicate about COVID-19.

Trusted Messenger Video Project

Check out this a new digital video series that features discussions with prominent health care experts and advocates about the importance of measuring and reducing personal risk associated with COVID-19.

Understanding COVID-19 Vaccine Technology and Vaccine Hesitancy Among Patients with Chronic Diseases

Vaccination is considered one of the 10 greatest public health achievements of the 20th century, improving quality of life and decreasing severity of disease. The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic precipitated international collaboration to produce vaccines on a global scale. However, challenges have arisen in ensuring lasting immunity for high-risk individuals, people with weakened immune systems and patients with chronic diseases. In addition, the disruption of the health care system widened existing health inequities and public health information was produced too quickly for communities to remain abreast of the research. The intent of this brief is to clarify the complexity of the vaccines and combat the spread of misinformation and vaccine hesitancy.


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